18 Aug 2013

One of the Emperors Children

Hi there! Here's few pics of the Emperors Children figure, that I painted for my friend, as a birthday present :). One more Marine to he's large and constantly growing collection of Chaos Forces...

Here's roughly what I did...

 I startedwith assembly (surprise)... Went through my bitz box and glued this together.

Then I painted the prime colors. Warlock Purple, Squid Pink (Vallejo), Leadbelcher for metal, and finally some Tau Light Ochre for golden parts...

I painted the gold parts with Burnished Gold, and washed with Agrax Earthshade. Rest of the figure got a wash of Leviathan Purple.

Then highlights were made with mix of 3:1 Warlock Purple-Squid Pink. Squid Pink parts were highlighted with the original color again... For more contrast I wanted to add another layer of higlights adding white to the mix... but I ran out of time :(

Well... I think it's a nice "tactical squad" standard figure anyways. More Emperors Children figures can be found under lable "Space Marine Project" in my older postings :) Bye now!