12 Aug 2013

Old Epic and FB Gaming Stuff...

Hi there! Just a fast update... I took pics of old gaming stuff, that was gathering dust at my friends cupboard, for he pretty much quit wargaming long ago. So he decided to give the stuff away.

Good old Space Marine game here... I have picked up my  Eldars from this starter box, when this game was new :) We purchased this together long long time ago. Here's some good collection of Marines, Rhinos and Land Riders. Quite many orcs too. Over twenty Wagons still in sprues... Buildings still looks good, and come very handy when we start playing this again :) The Titan has suffered some serious injuries, but nothing that a plastic glue can't fix.

Here's the old (5th?) edition starter that came with Bretonnians and Lizardmen. Lizards are long gone, but the Bretons are still in the box. My friend actually collected Empire Army that was also in the box... but as we split Empire the loot, I got few ranks of core, and ten Great Sword figures... I don´t know what to do with these minis. Maybe some painting practise for my kids :) There was also Handgunners, Flagellants, Hellblaster, Pistoliers and other stuff in the box. They went for my friend, who had a dream, where God told him to collect an Witch Hunter Army or something... So I guess he had to have them. But the old rulebooks are very inspirational, with bright colored pics minis on almost every page. Some interresting scenarios and experience tables for campaigns too. Brings back some memories... Ah, the good old days! Bye now!


  1. That is a very nice gift :)

  2. Nice to see!
    Getting a box of Space Marine which is packed with houses and figures is a pleasant experience.
    I love that box!