8 Mar 2014

Spider Riders, Second rank Done

Second rank painted up nicely. These are lovely models. They look very detailed, but are easy to paint. Good combination if you ask me... Here's the pics.

Group shot of the two first ranks. These models also rank up very nicely, considering the eight legs on every spider...

Now I can widen the rank to six models, and put in a Hero with Gigantic Spider! How cool is that!?

The answer is "Very cool indeed"! For now the unit causes fear too... And if you make the Hero your BSB, and give him the "Spider Banner"... The unit makes auto wounds with spiders on 5 and 6 to hit rolls. And the riders auto wound with sixes.

Two more ranks to paint... Hopefully I get to paint them soon. Bye now!


  1. It has been inspiring watching you work on these guys. I really want to get my spider riders out of their dusty box and start working on em' now :) I've always loved the models, for plastic newer models the really, really do have alot of character. Your paint work really enhances that too, just a cool, characterful, very fun unit!


  2. Thanks Lord! I appreciate that :) Bring out your spiders!