3 Mar 2014

Spider Riders, second rank WIP

Big game coming as our Blood in the Badlands summer campaign turn comes to an end. Well... one more map round, and then all the armies clashes at the Marshes of Madness. Big game allways inspires me to paint up some minis. This time I decided to get my Spider Riders back on painting table. I hope I get the whole unit done before the Summer Scenario.

Here's the second rank coming up. Washes and few high lights done on the goblins. Spiders only have the base color. Two ranks after these to come. Bye now!


  1. Really like your paint scheme on these guys. I really love the spider riders for new school models they have a cool old school feel to them.

  2. Yes, they are good looking models. I use bright colors for the unit to add some old school feeling... I was planning to paint the spear handles red, to get some mid 90's look also :) We'll see about that...