29 Jun 2014


Hi there! I began to paint one of my favourite units in O&G army, the Trolls. Here's some pics.

I have five of these "Skull Pass" Trolls in my collection, and one older Stone Troll, which is in my opinion, the coolest and funniest Troll mini ever. So there's gonna be unit of six trolls alltogether.

The Skull Pass Trolls paint up really nicely. Nothing bad to say about them. It only took few hours per model to paint. And they come with a cool scenic base, so I only washed and brushed those.

The broblem is that they all have the same pose... I'm planning on converting three of them with close combat gear, using bitz from Black Orcs regiment box.

Here's the rest of the unit coming up. First from the left allready geared up. Second from the left is that favourite Troll that I was talking about. It's a classic... And I think it gives necessary amount of "stupidity" in the unit :) Bye now!


  1. Very nice! They look great, fierce and strong!

  2. Wow those guys turned out great! Top notch

  3. Thanks guys! More Trolls coming soon :)