7 Jun 2014

Goblin Doom Diver, Out of Scratch!

Hi there! I made a Doom Diver out of balsa wood, goblin wolf rider and a bit of grey stuff. Here's how it happened... shortly as possible!

First I used a five cent coin to draw lines on balsa, for four wheels.

I Cutted ,with my trusty carpet knife, near the pencil line, leaving just a little of the line showing on the wheel. Then I sanded the line off with sanding paper, leaving a nice round shape to the wheel.

I made some cuts to the wheels, to make them look like they were made out of planks.

Then I glued smaller pieces of balsa, to make them look more wheel-like. I also made little spots with glue, for nail effect.

Here's the frame...

Wheels glued to the frame, and vertical piece to the front.

I cutted some more balsa, and shaped the edges to look like weathered planks.

I glued the planks to the frame... and then I made the rocket... Sorry about not having pics of making it! But I hope you get the principal idea from the picture. For the rocket, I made some more planks and glued them around a wooden pin. I cutted the edges of the planks on a right angle first, like making a barrel actually :) Then I glued on the wings.

Here's the Wolf Rider, riding it. I made the rope out of iron wire, and glued the rider on the rocket. I added the "flyer goggles" out of Space Marine Scout stuff...  and I realized, that I also need a base for this "rocketeer", for the FB game rules, so I made one, and covered it with planks also.

I gave the Wolf Rider some Grey Stuff treatment. I made a hood and cape, to give the figure some movement, wind under the wings, and crazyness...

From another angle...

I used Army Painters "Leather Brown" for primer...

We'll see how the paintig goes from here. I have to add some Orc stuff to the platform, like shields, and skulls, and shit... to make it look more GW like :D. And maybe a fuse to the rocket.

Fire in a hole!!! Bye now...


  1. Awesome!! As always your blog makes me pine for WHFB ... it is the one GW thing that I think I will eventually return to with gusto.

    As always an inspiration sir!

  2. Thanks Lord, for your kind words! I'm glad that you're inspired... Looking forward for your WHFB postings in future :)