17 May 2014

Black Fangs Cave: Slow Progress, and How I Made a Door

Hello. I found some hobby time from ordinary life, and decided to use it one the Pathfinder dungeon. Here's what I've got this time... Quite many pics in this post, sorry bout that!

Next Dungeon piece, made as described in my last posting. Difference here is that part of the cave wall is not "natural" cave. It's more like masoned dungeon room wall... I made the wall bricks with my sketching pen, for I didn't have the time to cut them with a knife. They turned out ok.

Here's the wall section painted and ready for action.

It's a weird shaped block.

Then I started on my first attempt (ever) for the dungeon door. I drew the lines on a piece of urethane.

Cut it in half...

Then I cut the doorways open.

At this stage, I took some material off from around the doorways, from both pieces, for I wanted to fit the door in between them.

I glued the pieces together again with hot glue, and cutted a door from balsa wood. The picture is crappy, but if you look carefully (and use your imagination), you can see the gab between the two door sections...

There it is... Just fits.

Then I painted the frames, and cutted some planks from balsa, and glued them on the door sheet.

Slide out....

Slide in... Now I can use the door as "opened" or "closed" versions.

Door planks were washed with Agrax Earthshade.

The other side.

Here's all the wall sections and new door in place on the map.

And last pic from another angle. Still lots to do with the cave, but slowly getting there. Bye now!


  1. Excellent work, great tuto...thanks for sharing!

  2. I´m affraid it´s so cool that I need to copy the idea... ;-)

  3. This is beautiful. I love how its transforming the map. 10/10 would play on :).

  4. Thanks for your comments guys! I'm glad you like it...