4 May 2014

High Elves of Caledor: Sentinel with Spear

Hello! I haven't posted anything for awhile. So I thought it would be good to post at least some WIP-pics, to prove that there's still some hobby action every now and then in my life.

 I have been working mostly on my RPG-Dungeon walls, and found some cheap and fast recipe for it (more of that later)... But here's something from the painting table. High Elf Spearman Champion.

I tried to keep the colors rich, and "old-school" Dragon Princelike... Some parts are not painted yet, but I'm gonna leave the spear handle black, for black is also one of the Caledorian colors. I'm also slowly learning the secrets of non-metallic gold, but need alot of practice :) And the shield is still on it's way...

Had to post this pic too, for you can see part of my new Dungeon wall set on the background :) Bye now!

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