11 May 2014

Black Fangs Cave: Easy 3D Dungeon Walls

Hi there! First of all, my blog has just broken the 100K views... Thanks for all who visited here! This post is about RPG for a change. While ago I re-opened my Pathfinder starter box, and got the brilliant "Black Fangs Dungeon" map out for viewing.

It's a beautifully detailed map, and works visually on it's own just fine... But I wanted something more. First I only thought of making all the smaller things, like statues, fountains, goblin beds and props in 3D. But later, I got the idea of trying to make the walls... Here's what I did.

First I drew the lines of the wall sections through a greaseproof paper.

I turned the paper around and drew the line again on a piece of polyurethane.

And there's a nice line for cutting...

I roughly cutted the piece with my trusty carpet knife.

Then I "chopped" the edges full of vertical cuts. This makes a really nice stone effect...

Finally I made few diagonal cuts and deeper gaps to the foam. The "chopping" looks great and is really fast to do... Just dont chop your fingers!

To make the wall section higher, I drew a copy of the first one, using the original as a liner.

There... a perfect copy!

 Which I did'nt like, and decided to make it a bit smaller... so I made a new line, and cutted it again.

Looks better when they're not identical twins... Fastened with hot glue.

Here's another piece made in same manner, and added some sand on the edges of the first elevation. Now there's only painting left.

Allrighty... Three wall sections done, and It's time to see how the effect works. Here are the heroes, lost in a 2D dungeon.

And boom! We got walls. "What the hell"!? There was also a Cave Troll, lurking in the shadows... Heroes are flat footed now, for sure.

I added some of my old props just to see how they work together. The pics are abit flashy... sorry bout that. I painted the stone with base color of dark grey, then made two fast high light layers adding white to the mix.
 I painted the top of the wall section black, to make it more abstract. I think it gives a feeling that the walls could rise alot higher. Maybe, if the top was painted stony color, it would look like the players could climb on, and over them... I dunno.

One last pic... Entering the Black Fang's dungeon. More walls coming soon. Bye now!


  1. Congratulations on your milestone. Fantastic walls!

  2. Excellent idea - I want to try this with the old Caverns of the Dead set now!

  3. Fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing it. Really adds a dynamic feel to the board. Congrats on the milestone as well!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm happy if it's any use for you :) Could work nicely with Caverns of the Dead...