20 Aug 2014

It's a Jungle out there..!

Hi there! Found some time for hobby again, and made up some more jungle stuff... Here's pics.

This time I tried to make few higher trees, I made half of them with two levels of palm leafs on top of each other. I think they look nice, and make a richer canopy to the terrain piece. Not realistic..?
Hey, they're for fantasy game!

With a tree high as this one, and a 40K infantry base, it's a good idea to glue a washer under the base, to give it the needed balance. Or be smarter as I am, and use a bigger base... I'll be back with these, when painted. Bye now!


  1. Again I think this is an awesome idea. I think I have a big box of old cast off plastic vegetation stuff that would work great with this method. Great idea, thank you!

  2. You're welcome Lord. Hope you find the box :)

  3. The jungle trees look quite fragile, made of straw. How do they handle battle damage? If they fall over on the table, will they break? But, they look good for their price, I need to try myself sometime.

  4. I havent managed to break them so far, and I have knocked down quite many trees during the process... For transporting, I think they'll do just fine in a box with some filling. Straw seems quite durable, and seems to bend nicely before breaking up... at least these straws :)