4 Sep 2014

The Witch Hunter

Hello! I accidentally started an Empire army a while ago... Now I have nearly 1500pts (with characters) in a box. I was really excited about having a Witch Hunter in the army. Mainly because I seem to lose every challenge I ever have to fight (no matter which army I'm playing with)...  I'm not very good at gearing up my characters :)
Witch Hunter might be the right medicine for me, for it is a potential character in the army, getting rid of those annoying, geared up enemy generals from a distance... with pistols blazing!

My broblem was, that I did'nt have any suitable miniature for a Witch Hunter, so I had to go bashing my bitz box. This is what I came up with...

I was short of any suitable bitz (the pointy hat and a cape), but I managed to find the most important piece, the accusative finger. "I want you"!
Then I added the blunderbuss, crossbow, and a pistol on the waist.

Also glued on some protective writings to the crossbow and blunderbuss, hoping it'll effect positively on my dice rollings :)
Well, there you have it. I'll be back with some knightly orders shortly. Bye now!

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