7 Sep 2014

Empire: Knightly Order of Manticore

Hello there! I have been glueing together my Empire army, and as a side project, got my first Knight painted.

I traded a group of ten Knights Panther for old Bretonnian Knights with my friend. The Panthers were E-bay stuff, assembled and robustly painted (with glossy wash dipped all over). So I had to repaint every bit to get the shine off...

For some reason I really like the color theme of Altdorf, and desided to use it on the mini. I just painted a wing for the "Knights Panther" symbol on the shield, and so it became a Manticore :)

Have to work on the background story... More coming soon. Bye now!


  1. Tosi pirteän näköistä sinistä ja punaista! Tykkään. :)

  2. Kiitos Kardinaali! Koitan pyrkiä Empireissä selkeisiin ja kirkkaisiin väripintoihin... paitsi jos teen Nulnin yksiköitä. Ne on aika blackiä :)