22 Sep 2014

Fence, and some "Old Wood" Paint Job...

Hi there. I made some balsa wood fences the other day... It's one of the oldest scenery building tricks in the book, but I have never tried it out... So I had to. And here's how they painted up.

Here's the fence assembled with hot glue. Important trick is to brush the balsa wood before cutting and building. I used an old "root brush" for the job...  it gives some depth for the wood grains, which looks better when painted. Anyways, first layer of paint for "old wood" was Dawn Stone.

On top of that I painted some areas with Steel Legion Drab...

Then I washed the whole thing with Agrax Earth Shade.

Next was the dry brushing with Dawn Stone again.

And finally with Celestra Grey...

Here's two of the fences painted.

And from the other side.


And finally in action. Works well with the hedges and some Nuln Handgunners... Bye now!

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