21 Jan 2015

Bring Out Your Dead!

Hi there!  Again, it's been a while since my last posting... Painty time has suffered from some drawing commissions. I'm getting back to my miniatures soon. I decided to post one of my drawings here, although it's out of context with my wargame hobby blog :) Sorry bout that, but here you go...

It's a album cover for a Finnish rock band Kirk Grim. They asked for a post apolcalyptic landscape theme for the cover, and wanted to add the three headed bulldog in it... so here's what they got. There's two members of the D.O.A. (dogfood on arrival) gang on the front, who deliver some snack for the Kirk Grim, the doggy on the background... And that's pretty much the story :)

Here's the back of the album, that was made a negative. My friend, who's a graphic designer made the colors and rest of the tricks on the artwork.

Here's a link to some Rock... http://kirkgrim.bandcamp.com/

And I'll be back with the minis soon! Bye now!

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