25 Jan 2015

Hasslefree Goblins and Borak, the Orc Champion WIP

Here's some gobbos I purchased from Hasslefree minis about year ago... Finally got some paint on them. Here's some WIP-pics.

Here's eight Goblins. They are multipart minis, and there's some really nice poses you can make out of the parts. Four with spears and another four with swords. I think the paintjob is ready with them, just some work to be done with the bases.

And here's Borak the Orc Champion, also from Hasslefree... I used alot of red on the mini, to give it some extra character. The sculpting is really great on this mini. I like it alot!

This shield is made for bashing. This funny perspective doesn't show the long spike in the middle... but it's there :) Borak's armour looks really heavy and impressive.

Here's a happy group shot... and the spike in the shield. Bye now!


  1. Loving that orc champion!

  2. Thanks Greg! I like that mini too. It's really threatenign Orc :)