1 Feb 2015

Descent Miniatures: Merriod WIP

Hi there! Here's something I'm working on at the moment. I got inspiration to get back with my Descent minis, as I purchased the "Shadow of Nerekhall" expansion for my Descent 2nd edition. So I got lots of new monster and hero minis, and of course, loads of props and dungeon floortiles...

I like this mini... Shark with tentacles, and can walk on ground too. Hooray high fantasy :) I think this is gonna be used in Pathfinder too. Jumping up from a underground lake...


  1. Can you imagine the conception of this model/monster?

    Lets have a shark...that can walk....but has tentacles for eyes. Nah that's boring. The shark is blind and has mouths on the end of the tentacles.

    Paint looks great. Good shade and highlights. Really showcases the sculpt!

  2. Thanks Greg! Yeah... I can really picture that conception brain srorm :D But they came up with great mini :)