10 Feb 2015

Descent Miniatures: Merriod, and a Watery Base

Another Descent miniature painted. I'm thinking painting my second Merriod with purple theme...  Hopefully soon. Here's some pics.

The "coming out of water" base was fun to paint. I'm glad I gave it a try...

Yet... I'm not painting the "watery base" for the other Merriod. Takes too freaking long :) Bye now!


  1. That base is absolutely wonderful. I LOVE the colors you chose for it. It's so vibrant and goes along with the mini perfectly. Really lovely work there! Just the base itself is pretty much stand alone in it's gorgeousness.

  2. Thaks for your kind words... I'm really glad you like it!

  3. Yes it looks absolutely wonderful! It really ads to the model. Care to explain how you did it?

  4. Well if I remember correctly, I just painted the stones to the base first. Then I washed the water area on top of them, in several layers with Thraka Green. Of course using more layers towards the deeper end of the water... Finally I painted the water ripples with very light gray, and added some little white spots for light reflection effect. There you have it :)