23 Aug 2015

Dragon Princes of Caledor, GW -93

Hi there! I'm taking a little break from scenery building and commissions, and doing little painting of my own...
Inspired by my disappointment towards GW, for "ending" the Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and making the Age of Sigmar, I dusted my good old third edition book, and started reading the basic rules.

And that was leading to finding myself opening my High Elf boxes that have been in the back of my miniature cupboard for a long time now...  I'm thinking of doing myself a little "Old Hammer" High Elf host just for fun, even if I know that I wont be having any green light from my gaming crew with the 3rd edition :) I'm pretty sure we're gonna be sticking to the 8th edition. We'll see...

First box to be opened was the good old Dragon Princes of Caledor. I have allways adored these models, and the paint job on the cover of the box is really inspiring...

So I got the first of them assembled...

And primed (Dragon Red, Army Painter).

Here's the first layers (Warpstone Glow, Celestra Grey, and Averland Sunset).

Wash with Agrax Earthshade.

And here's some first high lights... (Evil Sunz Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange and Moot Green) Sorry about bad pics.

More to come soon... Bye now!


  1. Nice series of pics! I loved seeing the figure take on coloured life. I really loved these guys back in the day. They are still very characterful minis.

    3rd edition has a very low figure count for games. You could probably assemble opposing forces to play a game and suck some of your friends in....

  2. Thanx! That's a good idea dave... I might just do that.