12 Aug 2015

Reaper Bones Ogre

Hello! I'm a little short on the hobby time again... But here's a quick posting of a Reaper Bones Ogre that I made as a comission, for RPG use. In this case it's used in GURPS-fantasy.

Here's the poor ogre hacked to pieces... I was asked to get rid of the shield and heavy mace. In GURPS the character uses two handed great axe, and has a smaller axe as a "back up" weapon...

Well... here it is. I used bitz from GW black orcs regiment box and gave it the paint job.

Mini painted up nicely. "Bones" details were just fine. Only downside was that the glue drying time seems to be quite long with the Bones plastic... But I can live with that, when I look at the Bones prices :) Bye Now!


  1. Finally, a positive blog post about bones!

    I keep reading about people complaining about the plastic, the mold lines, too bendy etcetera. But what do they expect for the price?

    Personally, I think their detail is good, their soft plastic makes them a dream to convert & as far as "bang for your buck" goes, you can't get better.

    This dude turned out great! I'm sure your customer will be more than happy.

    Cheers :)

  2. That is an awesome conversion job. Paintjob is spot on!

    I think with bones, you really have to just get used to the fact they are "different". Once you stop treating them the same as standard plastics, it works out a lot better (imo)

  3. Thanks for comments guys!
    Yes, Bones are different, but nothing so wrong about the figures, that you could'nt make good looking minis of them... Just like "the one" commented. As a matter of fact, I just made a large order from Reaper Bones for "RPG-use minis", and waiting them with enthusiasm :)