20 Jul 2015

Barrels Part II: All Done

Hello there! Got nine more barrels done. Here's some painting pics...

Well... Here's a pic before painting first :)

Ok... first I primed the barrels with two different colors, Skrag Brown and Steel Legion Brown (to make older looking barrels). Metal parts were painted with Boltgun Metal.

Washed the barrels with Nuln Oil all the way...

Then I painted some wood looking patterns with the prime colors again...

Added white to the prime colors and painted high lights on the patterns.

Finally I high lighted the metal parts with Runefang Steel... And made some rusty spots to the "old barrels".

Ok, that's nice... But what do I do with Ten barrels. Can't I get along with five? Well...

Now I can make a pyramid of barrels...

A wall of barrels... (for defend the beer scenario)

Or a wine storage for taverns :) So there you go. Barrels done and done. Bye now!


  1. You should secretly get a barrel that is hollow, that you can put a monster in to pop out :)

  2. That's a great idea..! Drunken Goblin jumping out of barrel... Surprise! That kind of fits in my Pathfinder scenario :)