5 Jul 2015

Red Baron Inn: 1st floor, Interior Walls Ready

Hi there! Today I got the last of the four interior walls ready for my "Red Baron Inn". It was nice to get to the point where I can finally put the walls together and see what comes out of them... Here's pics!

All four walls and the fire place waiting for assembly. I think the theme for the Inn's first floor is a place, where locals and travellers can warm up beside the fire, and leave their weapons before moving upstairs to drink and socialize.

Here's the 4th wall closer up. Lot of familiar shields there...

Allrighty... I was thinking, before applying the hot glue, how can I make the walls stand-up straight..? After a while it hit me. Legos are always straight :) So I borrowed some from my son and made an assembly tool out of them.

And it worked really well...

So here's the walls together. It was really easy job with the Lego tool and some hot glue. Only burned my fingers twice.

For Descent scale heroes this interior seems just abit too large, but it serves the purpose really well.

For Warhammer it's just perfect. Next job is the outer walls. Coming soon I hope :) Bye now!