6 Jul 2015

Red Baron Inn: WIP, Stairway to Tavern

Hello again! I realized that the Inn's visitors are'nt able to enter the tavern upstairs, so I had to make some kind of tool for that... I was thinking big trampoline, rope, warp gate, or through the chimney... but the stairs seemed to be the best choise in the end. So I made them out of balsa.

Here's the stairway painted. Stairs are not glued in place, so you can move them around just as the fire place... Or use them in another setting.

Here's Vyrah the Falconer after some r&r, "Descending" the stairs, obviously highly intoxicated. Just remember to use that handrail...


  1. This is just the coolest piece of scenery ever.

  2. Thanks man... I hope to see it ready some day :)