15 Dec 2016

Blood Bowl: New Human Team Painted

Hello! After three long nights of painting new Blood Bowl humies, I finally got them ready for action! Whole team was painted in Reikland Reavers color theme, but I left the team symbols off from the uniform, for I wanted some recycling value for the team, and name it myself later :). Both teams, Humans and Orcs, went to the local game shop for some demo-sessions... That's why the "rule book color" theme. Here's some pics...


Catchers, which are my favorite minis in the great new human team...

Blitzers are really cool too... but in my opinion, they could have differed from the lineman a bit more.

And here are the linemen... They are also a nice lookin group. Altogether, the sculpting on the new human team really rocks! And they paint up really nicely, without too much deatails on them.

 This was my fifth painted Blood Bowl team this year, and I got more coming on January... More of that later... Bye now!


  1. Awesome looking team Alex!

  2. Thanks Greg! The new humies are great minis :)