22 Feb 2017

Ay Caramba..! Bandidos!

Hello there! I got some "Old West" miniatures to paint the other day.
I have never painted western miniatures before, and I have to say, it's been alot of fun! It's really nice to make up color themes for the bandidos... These miniatures are form "Artizan Design". Sculpting and poses are good, and there's not too much of details to pick up... so they paint up pretty nicely and fast. I like 'em alot! These figures are going to be played in Warhammer: Legends of the Old West setting... Here's some pics of the individuals.

There's an "Old Western Stagecoach" from Dixon Miniatures coming up next... See you soon :)


  1. Great looking group! Love the vibrant colors, but you know that, its part of your style!

    1. Cheers! Can't help it... I just like my colors that way :)