12 Feb 2017

Space Crusade: First Minis Painted

Hello! Something else than Blood Bowl for a change... :)

I got my first Space Crusade minatures in paints. I randomly picked up some minis out of the box, and started to plan a simple and quick to paint colors on them.
I also wanted to make the bases more board game friendly, so I'm working on it... It can't be too complicated stuff to do. Othervise it takes ages to finish all of the minis in the box!

Well... here's the first pics!

First ones to get the paint job were the Ork, Android and Gretchin...

Broblem with the Ork miniature is the sculpting... wich is little too childish and more toy-like, than a miniature. I don't usually complain about lack of details, but this figure really has almost none... You have to create some shapes with paint job.
Well, at least it is fast to paint. And that's a good thing when you want to finish a board game!

Orks back side...

Android was the fastest of the three minis... Just overbrushed Lead Belcher on black. Then I picked up some spots with Runefang Steel. Finally I had to make the chevrons to it... for some character. I think it made it less Terminator and more Iron Warrior :)

Android behind...

Gretchin was the most interesting of the three... Most of the sculpting is really nice (in board game standards), but some of the details needs detective work to figure out what it is... I spent an hour on the internet just to find out if they have long sleeves on their shirts or not. Didn't find the answer, but in my opinion they do :) Lots of different versions were found... Some of the minis seems to have a long sleeve just on the other arm. Well, if you know the answer let me know :)

And finally... Gretchins ass!
There you have it... More to come soon!

Bye now!


  1. They look great considering what they are. I had to paint most of the detail onto the Ork face when I painted mine!

    1. Thanks Riot! The ork face was a real challenge for me too :)

  2. I love the brilliant saturated colors you've used. Really makes the minis pop.

    1. Thanks Greg! I think it's a good thing to keep the colors bright in a board game, to keep the game more untroubled...