26 Jul 2009

High Elf Mage

Here´s a funny one... I got the miniature from very old GW plastic wizard box. There were many different empire wizards, from different schools of magic (I guess). I took this one for my Mordheim Shadow warrior band, for they were missing a mage...

Little bit green stuff to make the pointy ears, and I cut off left hand to add a Enchanted Horn that mage found after one battle... ( I dont remember the powers of the horn anymore, but it was better than Boromir´s ;))

Painting was a little bit hasty, for there was going to be a game next day... It looks little more like a Marvel Super Hero, than a High Elf mage to me... at least, at the time, I was happy with the
paint job on the crystal ball :D "To be or not to be..."

Here´s the Mage running after War Boss on a boar, that cunningly manouvered at the back of the Silver Helms... (He´s there... in the bushes) Picture is taken at the local Fantasy Games shop, were we were playing a battle with four armies... I have made this piece of scenery too... which is pretty much the reason I publish this picture :) The Silver Helms are not painted by me. I was just borrowing them for the battle... They are pretty cool unit I think!

Now he´s out of the bushes, after blowing up that War Boss on boar, with a Lightning spell... that left only but a pair of smoking orcy boots and a roasted boar... "Badoom!"

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