26 Jul 2009

It´s been some time since my last visit here... Still working on my Sword Masters. First rank allmost ready :) Gotta publish something anyway, so here´s some older works...

Here´s a band of shadow warriors, Alith Anar as a leader... Alith Anar is lightly converted from high elf hero miniature. I took of the shield from left hand and added a bow. Some arrows to the base was a nice detail I think. I tried to make him look like he´s waiting for a enemy charge... Sharp eyes can see that really old wood elf model at the back ground... From 80´s or something :) Planning to convert them to shado warriors too... I allso like that orc head at the base of the champ :O

1 comment:

  1. That Alith Anar is amazing! It's so much cooler than GW's. I think I will borrow the idea... :)

    But why there isn't any blood on the sword of that champion?! Even though there is an Orc head lying there! It would be so much funkier if it had blood on it...

    ps: I'm painting my own shadow warriors atm :)

    -I like high elves too :D