23 Sep 2011

Descent Miniatures: Skeletons

I finally got the skeletons to the painting table. Now they are finished, except the bases, wich I´ll try to paint later this week... Here´s few pics.

Here´s a groop shot. I made three different color themes for them. The ones with the red robes (and a red base edge) are the "Master Skeletons" in game terms... so theyre little tougher to bring down.

Here are the green ones. Personally I like this color theme the most. It makes the clothes look old and raggedy...

Here you can see the difference in painting techniques I used... The skeleton in the right is the first one I painted. I used only wash over Bleached Bone... and then high lighting. I didn´t like it much, cause the bones didn´t show enough. For the rest of the skellies, I painted the minis dark brown before painting each bone separately with Bleached Bone. Then I washed with Gryphonne Sepia, and highlighted again with B-Bone, and finally with Skull White. For that reason these guys were not so fast to paint.

Blue color theme was nice too. I was going for little bit of Tomb Kings feeling with the blue and gold paint :) I´ll be back with these when I get the bases done... Bye!

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