24 Sep 2011

Descent Miniatures: Sorcerers

Last night, instead of basing the Skeletons, I started to clean up the Sorcerers. The minis looked so nice and simple, that I just had to paint one right away...and couldn´t stop untill it was finished :o  There´s no WIP-pics, for I was too eager to see the mini painted. Sorry!

Most of the miniature is covered by the Sorcerers robe, so that´s where I put most of the time and effort. After black under coat, I painted three layers of Warlock Purple on the robe. Then I washed it quite heavily with Badab Black. Then I high lighted it with four differrent layers of Warlock Purple, always adding little bit of white in the mix, leaving the previous layer to show little bit...  On the rest of the mini I used very simple palette, mostly black and dark grey on the clothing, for I wanted the robe to be in the main part.

Same mini from behind... I´ll try to remember the WIP-pics with the next ones :) Bye now!

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