26 Sep 2011

Descent Miniatures: Painting the Sorcerers robe

Hello!  I started to work on the rest of the Descent Sorcerers, and this time around I remembered to take some pics too. Theyre not finished yet, but heres what I´ve done so far...

I started with the robes. Three layers of Warlock Purple on each mini. It was quite fast with a large brush. I painted the belt and the knee showing under the robe with Codex Grey. Sorcerers staff was painted with Boltgun Metal. 

Then I gave the minis a heavy wash of Badab Black.

Heres the first high light with plain Warlock Purple.

Second highlight with about 1:5 Skull White and Warlock Purple.

On the third high light I carefully added some Skull White to the previous mix. 

On the fourth and last high light I used Vallejos Squid Pink right out of the bottle... I guess I would have the same result with adding white to the previous mix, but it dried out, and I thought  I´d save some time this way :)  Last high light was really just adding some little dots of paint to the highest points of the robe... I´ll be back with these later...  when I get something done :) Bye now!

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  1. Hmm nice. Simple but effective. The Robes look good.