1 Oct 2011

Descent Miniatures: Sorcerers painted

Here´s few more WIP-pics of the Descent Sorcerers. The bases are still missing paint job, but I think tomorrow´s gonna be a hard core basing day for me... I´m trying to do the Skeletons and the Sorcerers all done. I busted my ribs at work earlier this week, so sitting in the painting chair is a bit of a challenge now... so we´ll see how it goes :)

Here I have painted the skin with Dwarf Flesh, the skull ("To be, or not to be"..?) and Sorcerers beard with kommando Khaki.

Then I washed them with Ogryn Flesh...

I high lighted the skin parts with Dwarf Flesh again, and the second layer with 2:1 Dwarf Flesh and Skull White. Skull and beard were first high lighted with Bleached Bone and second with little dots of pure skull white.

Finally I high lighted the Grey parts with Codex Grey again, and second layer with Astronomican Grey. The boots were done with thin stripes of Codex Grey. Sorcerers staff was high lighted with Mithril Silver, and I painted the top of the staff golden. Little dots of white was painted on the eyes... and I think that´s it!  Simple painting for simple minis... I´m quite happy with the result, and I think (hope) they bring some sinister mood to the next Descent session :)

I´ll be back with new pics when I get the bases done... hopefully tomorrow. Bye now!

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