25 Oct 2011

Descent Scenery WIP 2

Hello! Finally found some time to give a fast paint job on the Descent rubble markers. So here´s the pics of what I´ve done so far...

I mixed some black and white Amsterdam acrylics to make a dark grey base coat. Paint was pretty thick, so it covered nicely with the first layer.

I painted the skulls with Kommando Khaki, and then washed everything with Devlan Mud.

And here they are with the high lights and some "dead grass" on them. First I dry brushed the stone with Amsterdam acrylics, adding white to the original mix. Then I high lighted first with Codex Grey, and finally with Astronomican Grey. Skulls were dry brushed with Kommando Khaki again, then high lighed with Bleached Bone. Finally I glued some Citadel dead grass and Army Painters grass on them.
I´m not sure if I should leave the base stone colored, or will I paint them to blend in to Descent dungeon floor... Oh, and the spiders are still missing :) Bye now!

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