2 Oct 2011

Descent Miniatures: Dungeon Floor Bases

Last night I was going to base the Descent Skeletons and the Sorcerers... But only got the other group done, before it was time to get some shut eye... ZzzzZ...ZzzzZ... with brush still in my hand.  Here´s few pics of how I paint the dungeon floor bases.

First I painted two layers of Graveyard Earth on the bases.

Then I painted some stone patterns using four different colors... Codex Grey, Astronomican Grey, Tausept Ochre and Commando Khaki, leaving a little gap of Graveyard Earth showing between the stones.

Thick layer of Devlan Mud wash...

Then I made fast high lights to some edges of the stones, using the original stone colors. It gives the floor a little bit of dimension... Finally I painted the edges of the Master Sorcerers with Blood Red. There you have it :)  I´ll post the Skeleton  Crew pics when I get the bases done. Bye!


  1. Really nice looking bases and good tutorial!

  2. Thanks Xenon! I´m glad you like em :)