4 Oct 2011

Descent Miniatures: Skeleton bases done

Finally got the Skeletons done... Now I can pick up a new group to the painting table. I´m thinkin Nagas... or maybe the Hell Hounds. Anyways, here´s few pics.

Dungeon floor bases are easy to paint... but in larger patches it takes time to finish them (and it gets little boring) I could paint the tiles little bigger... as they actually are in Descent dungeon map pieces.

Here´s what I´ve done so far in the Descent field. 27 minis painted... not that much if you´re aware that there´s 108 plastic monsters and 32 heroes all together (Basic game box and two expansions). Lot of Floor tiles there to paint... :D

"Ok guys, heres the plan... Ker, you open the door! Steelhorns will bash in with the axe and I´ll ready a spell, and Mok will show some light with the lantern. Allrighty..? On count of three, 1...2.."

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