9 Oct 2011

Descent Miniatures: First Naga painted

I decided to paint the Nagas this time. The first one is finished, and two others on their way. Here´s what I´ve done so far...

I sprayed the minis with Army Painters Wolf Grey.

Wash was then made with two layers of Badab Black.

Then quite fast dry brushing all over the mini with Shadow Grey. Two additional dry brush layers was then made with adding some Skull White to the Shadow Grey. Allways leaving previous layer to show a bit. I added some high lighting to the face after the dry brush to make  it show out more from the rest of the mini. Some white dots was finally added to make some "shining" spots. This was all very fast to do... with basically one color :) 

Here´s the Naga from diferent angles... I´ll be back with the other two later. Bye now!

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