20 Oct 2011

Descent Miniatures: Nagas painted

These slithering babys have been ready for a while. Just couldn´t find the time to post anything. But here they are now... Nothing special to add to the last posting, where I went through the painting technique (truly simple indeed!). Big base didn´t look so cool as the smaller ones with just the floor tiles painted on it...  They needed something more. So I added some sand and grass to them, to give some feeling.
Now I´ve got 30 Descent minis painted. Still a long (loooong) way to get to the last one. But I believe I can make it at some point, for there is an actual goal in the horizon... It´s considerably harder to imagine my dear Warhammer 40K and FB armies to ever be finished. Actually, I never want them to be. So many ideas to carry out... ;) Bye now!


  1. Those are so frikking scary. Great job!

  2. Thanks! I´m glad they scare you :)