23 Oct 2011

Descent Scenery WIP

Hi! I was surfing on the waves of the internet in search of some Descent Liutenant minis... as I discovered (again) many really impressive 3D dungeons and accessories, like the ones in the Dwarven Forge. I´ve been thinking for a long time, how cool would it be to run a Descent or RPG session (Rune Quest or D&D) in 3D dungeon. I´t really gives the feeling of "being there" for the players... I guess the only thing that´s been stopping me from ordering is the depressingly high prices of the products :( 

Well... Broke as I am, I started to think that maybe I don´t have to go all 3D.  The Descent  floor tiles, props and obstacle markers are actually really good looking. So maybe I could just add some small 3D elements to it, to create more "realistic" dungeon. And this would cost me only time... Wich I don´t have either :) Anyways... I decided to start with the "Rubble 3D markers".

Here´s some materials that I found from the hobby cupboard. Some urethane, WH Goblin shield sprues, cavalry and monster bases (made of plywood), and some little nasty spiders (must be WHFB related, don´t really remember where I got those).

And here´s what I got out of that stuff so far... Just some rough sculpting to the urethane, glued some shield bits and sand on them. The pile of skulls is from Army Painter range. And those nasty spiders will be added after I find some time to paint these :) Bye now!

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