29 Dec 2011

Christmas stuff

Hello! Two hobby things from christmas time... First thing is that SC Warhammer give away arrived just before christmas, and it was just great. I had never heard about this "Space Marine Assault" box before I red about it from the SC Warhammer blog...  And suddenly, out of the blue I was the lucky one to win they´re "perfect Starter kit"... that included the Space Marine Assault and lots of extra hobby stuff. 

In the box was some flock, basing sand, hobby knife, plastic glue, measure, some scenery for 40K, the Space Marine Assault box, Terminator including rules for Assault game, how to make wargame scenery turorials, paint brush and some super glue... Amazing.

And here´s what´s inside the Assault box. Eight Genestealers, five Space Marines, some paints, paint brush, dice and the Game Rules book. After reading the rulebook, I felt that the game seemed very much alike with the Space Hulk or Space Crusade... Meaning very simple rules with fun scenarios. I will try it out with my son. Big thanks for the guys at the Santa Cruz Warhammer!!!

Second thingy is the greatest present of  the Christmas... that I bought for  my six year old son. (My wife says that I bought it for my self... And she´s 75% right)

Ladies and Gentleman, The one and only... Millenium Falcon!!!
I was lucky to find it in sale, where all Legos were half price. Other wise I never would have bought it, in full price of 180€. That´s a bit salty price for a toy I think... (unless it has something to do with my miniature hobby :)

We were abit surprised by the amount of Lego pieces in the box... "Wow Dad..! That´s a alot of lego bitz!" -"That´s right my son... You´re just gonna have to use the Force to assembly it!"

I think the Lego characters in the box were great! No need to introduce them... I guess.

Nice details were the Darth Vaders face without the helmet... And when you flip the head of Luke Skywalker and put on the helmet, you have the Jedi practice theme going on... How cool is that!

I took lots of WIP pics of the assembly, but I think I just go straight to the finished Millenium Falcon. There you have it... It also has laser turret in the bottom. And you can put Lego dudes sit inside the gun turrets, just like in the movie. Awesome Dude..!

And ofcourse, you can open up the top, so you can get a peek inside the Falcon... There are some guys sitting around the Derijak Game table. "Just let the Wookie win...ok?!"

"Use the Force Luke"

Star Wars geek saying... Bye now!


  1. Too..Much..Awesome..In..One..Post..Cannot..Compute

  2. Cool xmas it looks like ... what a great find indeed to find the Lego-Falcon on sale!! WOW!! Not many things are more epic than that ... I'm sure many a fun adventures shall be had with those bricks :) Happy new year in advance!