29 Dec 2011

Serpents of Hellfire Dreadnought WIP

Hello! As I wrote in the earlier postings... I´m trying to pull 1500pts WH40K army together from my miniature cupboard... I counted that have all the minis I need for it, but there´s quite a job to assemble all of the marines to playable form. Now I got my old Dreadnought project back to the table again, and continued to build it for a battle to come. It´s the Dread that came inside the brilliant Assault on Black Reach box. So far I have cutted off the multi-melta and replaced it with home made Autocannon. How I made the Autocannon can be seen here.

 I got some bitz from Tactical Marines box (the gear/ammo belts), and from Assault marines I took the ammo box.

I cutted the rivets and lids off the gear belts and did some shaping on the ammo box.

Next I glued the belt  bitz together to a long autocannon ammobelt...

I made an ammunition hopper out of the Assault Marine ammo box, and attached the belt to it. I also cutted of the tank out of multi-melta, and added one armour plate in the back.

Here´s how it came out...

While checking the bitz box for some ideas, I got one Servo Skull in my hand... and tried it on. I think it looked nice... Like the old veteran inside was taking a peek... "Coming out of the sarcophagus."

I refined the idea with some green stuff...

Here´s how it looks like at the moment... I think it came out pretty nice.

I think I´ll start the painting next... Will be back with this one soon... Bye now!

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