31 Dec 2011

Happy New Year

Year has passed again! Thanks for your comments and for fellow bloggers inspiring postings and great ideas..! I had a quite busy year in painting field... and I noticed, that I have made my own record this year, painting just over one hundred minis!!! Can´t believe it. Two orders from Pan-Vision sure helped... in form of Dawn of War and Space Marine projects (later project fell down with some THQ corporate employee changes or sumthin...) But I sure got my own projects going on too... WHFB, WH40K, Descent, and some Rune Quest minis too. This blogging stuff has been the fuel for my miniature hobbying. And, once more, you fellow bloggers have been an inspiration to me and given me the enthusiasm to paint, paint, paint... all year :) Thanks for that! Here´s few pics from this years projects! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!

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