10 Jan 2012

Serpents of Hellfire Dread WIP and Descent Captain Jones

Hello there! My first posting of this year... Just a fast update of what´s going on with the minis. First few pics of Serpents of Hellfire Dreadnought, that´s slowly getting ready for battle...

Base colors done here... I used Pure Red primer from Army Painters range... some Komando Khaki, Tausept Ochre, Boltgun Metal and Knarloc Green.

Here it is after heavy Dev Mud wash... Looks old and dirty :)

Here it is after few highlights... and some flame designs. More dread postings later.

Then some Descent stuff... We´re gonna play some Descent next friday. In the last game session the players were having some R&R in one of Tamalir´s taverns, as they heard a rumor of great treasure of Captain Jones. They went after it. After a long, eventful journey, they found the dungeon at Guardian Hills, and started the descent. I hope we´re gonna hit the third dungeon level this time, so they get to fight with the Captain and he´s minions... Only, I don´t have a mini to represent the old ghostly pirate. So I have to put something together before friday. I found some old skeleton sprues from my mini cupboard, maybe some old WH stuff or something, can´t remember where I got them...

I glued one of them together... not too piraty yet :(

I found my green stuff in the fridge (and some beer)... and started sculpting. It´s really not my thing. I have very little experience with "the stuff", and I always try to avoid using it if possible. But now I had to make something for friday... As you see, it´s not a master piece, but It´s better than nothing :)

Here´s the Captain from behind...

I hope I can make it look better with the paint job... I´m thinking painting it "barrow wight" style. Green ghost with heavy high lights. We´ll see. Bye now!

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  1. Wow that is awesome! Great greenstuff work there!