11 Jan 2012

Descent Miniatures: Captain Jones done

 Captain Jones was fast and fun to paint. I used black undercoat, and made heavy drybrushing with Knarloc green. Next I made few layers of  highlighting with same color, always adding little white in the mix. There you have it :)

I painted the base with little bit different colors than I usually do with the Descent minis. I tried to make some greenish "ghostly glow" on the floor tiles, so I used the same green as with the mini. It came out Ok. I think I could make the floor glow abit more... Hmmm.

Well, Captain is ready for fridays game. I hope we´ll get to use it too :) I looked at the oncoming dungeon map, and noticed that I have to make some more 3D props for friday... :O Time is getting tight. Bye now!


  1. It looks great! Excellent outcome with simple ingredients =)

  2. Wow that is awesome! I never mentioned that your blog inspired me to go out and get all the descent sets :) Seeing some of the figures you painted up for the game made me realize how cool the figures were and also I'd see it as a wonderful game to play when people felt like some hack and slash dungeon crawling goodness ... without the big D&D commitment. I'd seen that the new version of the game is going to be backwards compatible and when I saw that I was sold.

  3. Furinji: Thanks! I´m glad you like it :)

    Lord: It´s nice to hear that my blogs been inspiration... I´m waiting for the new version of Descent too. The convertion kit is also must have thing :) But I think we´re gonna finnish the ongoing "Road to Legend" campaign first, cause the new version incudes some kind of campaign rules... wich sounds interresting.

  4. That looks so scary. :) Nice paint job!

  5. For someone who isn`t into the green stuff you`ve done a darned fine job there. Nice paint job too. You should have a mould made for casting in metal. I`d have one.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Geminian. I will think about that casting mould. I think I´d have to study more about sculptig first :)