29 Jan 2012

Descent Props and Pumping Action

Hello! Not much hobby progress recently... I´ve been working on my Descent Dark Priest minis, and they´re almost ready. I also got some WHFB minis on the painting table, wich is nice :)

Here´s some Descent dungeon rubble, that I made for our last session... They´re Army Painter range. I´ve added some cork pieces and sand on 25mm bases. Good sculpting, I think and they painted up really nicely.

I found this old classic from my mini cupboard... and decided to give it a go. I like this old Pump Wagon way more than the new one. The snotlings are also really good looking. I´m gonna need another pump wagon for my army... I hope they´re still on sale at E-bay :)

I built some cork pieces on a plywood base to make the wagon lean on the right side. It gave the wagon abit unstable, low flying look.

"Pump harder lads"... I specially like the snotty on the roof, giving the finger... The sculptor´s been having some fun :) Won´t see GW doing that anymore... Wonder who actually was the sculptor on this piece. Please leave a comment if you know it!

Some paint job... Army Painters brown spray paint, and wash with Badab Black.

Painted the metal parts with Boltgun Metal, snotty´s with Gretchin Green, leathers with Bestial Brown, abit Red Gore on some clothings and the mushrooms... then washed with Devlan Mud. I still have to make the high lights and basing, before this piece is ready for battle. I´ll be back when it´s done. Bye now!


  1. Wow that really looks good, again I have that model ... unassembled ... gathering dust. Why? I should really get those sneaky gitz out one of these days and finish em up! ... Perhaps a good summer project. For some reason I've always painted the green skins in the summer ... odd ... the extra sunlight perhaps ... lol ... who knows. Anyway thanks for the inspirational posts on this project!

  2. Thanx for comment Lord! Green is the color of grass... it grows at summer time... errr... Dunno. But I feel that it makes sense. Winter could be better time for some traditional blueish High Elves or painting a horde of White Scars :) I also had this mini in the dark for a long time before I got to assemblying it. And when I started with it, I couldn´t stop before it was finished... It´s a great mini to work with. Just dust it up!