28 Sep 2012

Blood on the kitchen table..!

Hello! We had a battle of "Blood in the Badlands" today... and we played for the first time at our new apartment. I set up the game on our kitchen table.

I had very little scenery at hand so I had to use whatever I found quickly :)

My Descent board game scenery props... setup in a square formation to mark as a difficult terrain.

Old cardboard building, that came with the Warhammer box (in edition Idunno), spiced with some more of my Descent board game scenery props...

And a sugar on top, some self made, below average quality woods...

But the game itself was hard as a rock this time... I had boasted my 1500pts almost entirely in three expensive units. Orc big 'uns, Night Gobbos and Savage Boar Boyz, with all goodies and gadgets. Well, In addition I had my trusty Giant, four Chukka's and two Pump wankers... ... ... I ment wagons!
In the pic above  you can see the deployment in it's all glory. Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks leading the Goblin horde as my army General. I really couldn´t see the forest from the trees in the deployment, for the Wood Elfs had four units of Dryads and one massive block of Treekin... AND they had +250pts in the list and Hatred against me from the Campaign plots. I wasn't wery Waaaghy at this point.

And this is where it all ended. Dryads advanced through the battlefield ripping every greenskin apart they could catch on the right flank of the table... I was left with none alive. My giant fell on two sky darkening volleys of elven arrows. Savage Boar Boyz managed to chop and burn the scary block of Treekin with a little help of the "Banner of Eternal Flame"... And then got flanked by two units of Dryads with "hatred", who showed no mercy...

In the meanwhile, Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks advanced stoicly through the middle field, in "soft" cover of Bad Moon Banner... taking massive hails of Wood Elf arrows every turn. After a hard battle with Wardancers, Sneaky Git finally faced he´s primary target, the "stinky" Elven noble and he´s bowmen in turn five... with only ten gobbo´s left from he´s original horde of fourty spears..! Sneaky Git charged! In the fear of losing he´s head to Git's great axe, and Big'uns flanking from the left side of the battle field, The Wood Elf Noble fled of the table, saving he´s life. Fight another day... right?!

That decision won me the game, roughly by 600pts. I didn't see that coming at round four, with almost all my units perished... Incredible turn of the tide, and really exciting game!

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