23 Sep 2012

Jungle Terrain hobby therapy...

Renovation still going on in our new apartment... so there´s not much time for hobby. But as I was puttin my hobby stuff and minis back to their places, I got a piece of inspirational poly-urethane in my hand, that had a rough sculptin going on... looked like a rock, or cliff, or sumthin... I had paints and stuff in the same box, so I took myself one quality hour for hobby :)

I used my acrylic paints to give it a layer of Raw Umber. I didn´t even bother to glue any sand on it first... wich I would normaly do for sure. I was just interested to try and paint some brown colored stone, for I allways paint my stone scenery in grey colors.

Five minute high lights here... just adding white to Raw Umber. Two different layers.

Well... at this point, digging deeper to the cardboard box of hobby scenery stuff, I discovered my cork sheets. I shred some of the stuff to smaller pieces and glued them on top of the "cliff". No time for reasonable composition... :)

The glue didn´t have the time to dry... before I painted the cork parts and added some turf and static grass.

I have collected many different plastic plants over the years, and happened to find plenty in the box...  They gave me a jungle fever at this point. Took some small nails from my toolbox to give the jungle plants a fast rooting...

And in a few moments they were growing pretty well... I covered the nails with glue and small pieces of plants. Not my best work in scenery field, but fastest ever. Most important, it was much needed hobby therapy for me in a middle of this renovateing chaos! (I should have glued some sand on it, right?... Crap!:) Thanx and bye for now!


  1. Nice looking piece! These lone moments of inspiration can be the most rewarding...

  2. Thanks dude! Youre so right! :)