1 Sep 2012

Dark Vengeance, Limited Edition and other stuff...

Just got my own copy this morning... and had to put few pics here. I bought it with my  friend, who got the Chaos bitz, markers and templates, so I dont have the pics of the Chaos Marine minis. I got the Angels and rulebook... and stuff.

The minis are just fantastic. The posings, details and overall 40k coolness with bikes and all...almost puts tears in my hobby veteran eyes :) Good job!

Minis are plenty I think... and I feel I got my moneys worth.

Here´s the Dark Vengeance introduction book... six missions introducing the new rules, plus fluff and stuff :). And assembly manual for the new minis.

The small rulebook and some reference booklets... and rules for Chaplain Seraphicus! Small rulebook is also in full color, for my surprise... Looks really cool. Still I´m thinking I should get the "big daddy" book at some poit, when I got 60€ to spend.

With "other stuff" in the header, I ment these blisters I ordered from Micro Art Studio, and got them today. Really good looking sculpting with low price :) These skull bases are going for Descent and RPG use.

These are for 40K use... Some Ruins Bike Bases (for my new Dark Vengeance bikers) and Crusader Legs for older Terminators.

Here´s some "Spooky Bases", also for Descent and RPG use. Now I just need some painting time... and ofcourse some gaming time to test the new 40K rules with cool new minis.

 Untill next time... Over and Out!

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