4 Dec 2012

40K Medusa Chapter

No, I´m not starting another Space Marine chapter... still trying to get the old chapter to 1500pts painted.  I was just practising to paint with blue. I found some left over marines from my "Space Marine Project", that had Army Painters primer of Ultra Marine Blue sprayed on, and started fooling around with that...

I just high lighted the marine with "Ice Blue" and gave it a wash of Asurmen Blue. Then I high lighted the edges with Ice Blue again, leaving the previous layer show abit...

Really simple palette, and easy to paint.

The contrast is quite high with the high lightings... so in natural light this looks more like a character from Tron movies, rather than Space Marine :) but still, I think it´s pretty nice color theme... It was fast and fun, but I guess I wont be painting more of these. Bye now!

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