26 Dec 2012

Catulus, 5th Company Chaplain

Hello there! My christmas present for myself was taking some painty time... after all the Christmas cleaning, cooking, eating, present wrapping and playing with my kids new toys... (mostly legos in my case:).

I´ve had this kit bashed Chaplain for a long time in my cupboard, and now I decided to make some final convertings at my Convershun Clinic and give it some paintjob...

 Here´s what I started with. I think I´ve posted some earlier pics of this mini long time ago... but anyway, now I made few changes to it. I took off some bitz and added new ones. I took the bitz for the banner almost entirely from Dark Angels company veterans box. Head belongs to Chaos Marine I think, that was given laurel on top of it. I also made a new Crozius Arcanum, for the previous one looked abit lame... I like the way the Chaplain is holding his Storm Bolter in "gangsta style" :)

All righty... then some painting. Here are the base coat colors. Chaos Black for the armour, Leadbelcher for the metal parts, Red Gore for red parts, Ushapti Bone for whites, Tau Light Ochre for the ropes, and I mixed Burnished Gold with Bestial Brown for the golden parts.

Then some wahes... Gryphonne sepia for the whites, Devlan Mud for gold and red, and some Badab Black for the metal parts.

Finally the high lights.. Blood Red and Troll Slayer Orange for the red parts, Burnished Gold for the gold parts, Ushapti Bone and Ceramite White for whites, Runefang Steel for metal, and Dawnstone for black. There you have it basically...

Bye Now!

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