15 Dec 2012

Brother Ignis, 5th Company Dreadnought

Hi there! I´m happy that I finally got this painted. It´s an important addition to my Serpents of Hellfire  Chapter. It´s been stareing at me for a long long time from the mini cupboard... making me feel guilty for not compliting the paint job. There was quite a bit of converting and building with the Assault Cannon, but it finally turned out ok... You can see how I made it from my earlier postings. Here´s some pics!

Serpents of Hellfire use the same company badges as Dark Angels, for they are a successor chapter, one of the Unforgiven.

The pics aren´t the best possible quality... sorry bout that. In Finland we don´t have much daylight at the moment... and my lighting skills sucks ass.

I added a Servo Skull to the Dread, and made some extra hoses from green stuff, for I wanted Brother Ignis to take a peek out from the sarcophagus...To get a better view of the enemies of the Emperor.

I had great plans for the base... some dead enemies laying on the ground, helmets, boltguns, skulls and crap...  And in the heat of the "finishing up" I dropped them all and went with the basic cork, sand and turf. Also I had many ideas for painting some more details on the Dread, like writings, more flames, more battle damage, litanies of hate, and so on... but I had to stop it somewhere. If I am to add some of these ideas, I´ll be posting new pics :) Bye now!

PS: you´ll find the older postings here and here... Thank you!


  1. Sweet Dread, the red colour scheme is phenomenal!

  2. Thanx Frenzy... Glad you like it!

  3. Nice job on converting the assault cannon, not to mention of course the paint job :)

    Is it a Punisher cannon with slight modifications?

  4. Thax Cardinal! The Assault Cannon was really kit bashed/converted from really weird components... using the frame of the Meltagun Dread that came with Assault on Black Reach. I´ll edit the post and add the links of the older postings :)

  5. A big slap on the back for making the AoBR dread look so sweet and different. Of course the paint job is just phew!