25 Mar 2013

Descent Miniatures, Vyrah the Falconer

We have played Descent with my seven year old son for few times now. It´s amazing how fast he can learn the rules and the game terms, even without him knowing any English. I don´t use the full rules, but in every new session I will add some of the rules to our game. He has seen the Campaign games with our Descent Group, so he knows there´s a lot more in to the game... and he keeps askin more stuff every time we play. But I try to keep it simple, and add new things slowly. Today he corrected me two times with the hero skills and dice rolling... for I counted some results wrong :) Oops!

Vyrah the Falconer is one of the Heroes he likes to play with (the other being Nanok of the Blade). So today I decided to paint it up. Sculpting of the mini is really good job, but some of the details are so microscopic, that you just have to dig them up, like a archeologist...

So, occasionally the mini was quite painfull to paint. But in the end, it was rewarding to get it finally done. And I think the result is allrighty, for one evenings job anyway...  I was supposed to paint the mini completely as it appears in the Hero Card (as I´ve done with the previous hero minis), but I had to make some changes this time with the color tones and choices, for my taste the original picture was too much "carneval stuff" with all bright yellow, red and green. :(

I´ve already started with Nanok of the Blade, so I´ll be back soon with that... Bye now!

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